Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

Here are some pictures and videos of the
Quigley's Easter Morning:

Looks Like the Easter Bunny Left Lots of Fluff for Us to Play In!

Video of Hayden's First Easter Egg Hunt:
"That was such a fun game. Can we play it again?"

"OK, let's check out this CANDY!"

"Dad, will you help me open them?"

"Hum, I think I've had these at Grandma's before."

Yep, I've had these before and they're GOOD!"

"I'll defiantly have another, please."

"Man, I went through those fast.
I wonder how many my mouth can hold."

Hayden with his new Sand Pail kit for camping at the Sand Dunes.
(Notice his cheeks full of candy).

Hayden with his new church clothes and swim suit.
(Again, with full cheeks.)

Easter Toys and Clothes from the Easter Bunny.

Mom's Easter:
Clothes and a Mirror.

Dad's Easter:
Golf Certificates
But right now he would need a bright pink ball to play :(

Video of Hayden Stuffing His Cheeks with More Candy (The Best Part of Easter):

Family Having an Easter Dinner:
Hayden, Blake, Megan, Nick, Ashley, Brian, and Jessica.

And later, we found the Easter Bunny leaving (seriously):
(I always imagined him as a caucasian).

Happy Easter Family and Friends!


  1. Oh so fun!! Wish we could be there. He's so smart, if I give it to daddy, he will open it. Miss you!

  2. Wish we could have been there too! You guys make an awesome Easter to watch on video though. Thanks, we are glad you all had such a fun time with your little family. xoxoxo's