Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7 Peaks

Hayden and I have spent most of the summer at 7 Peaks.
Hayden loves the water, especially the water slide.
He says, "WEE" every time I mention it.

Here are some 7 Peak Memories:

We mostly go with our good friends, the Walkers.
Jarom and Hayden ready to swim.

Break Time.

The Harris' have also come down to go swimming with us.
Hayden and Ryan just chillin' under the umbrella.

Sharing Snacks.

Ryan trying to dress Hayden so they could go swimming.

Playing in the water.

Drinking the Water.

Relaxing in the Water.

Eating a Water Toy.


Hayden's Turn to Eat.

A SPLASHIN' Good Time!

(Thank you Karen for sharing your photos with me!)

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