Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Arches National Park

Hayden and I went with Daddy on a little business trip to Moab (which is such a fun, cute, little town).
While we were there we stopped at Arches National Park.

Going for the first hike of the day to see the famous Arch on the Utah License Plate.
Hayden wanted to be a big boy and walk, so Brian and I let him walk on the sidewalk.

We got to the trail, but Hayden didn't want to be packed. So we let him walk some more.

And he kept on walking!

Finally, Hayden let Daddy put him on his shoulders to go up a giant hill.
And at the top of the hill we saw Delicate Arch.
(Look to the left of Brian's head to see Delicate Arch.)

Family Photo with Delicate Arch in the FAR background.
We decided not to go on the long hike to get right underneath it. Hayden might of made it, but Mommy and Daddy wouldn't of. :)

Taking a little break.

We went on another hike to see the Window Arches.
Again, Hayden walked almost the whole way.
Daddy and Hayden next to the North Window Arch.

Hayden touching a boulder.

Turret Arch

Family Photo next to Turret Arch.

Hayden exploring the animal statues while saying, "Hot! Hot!" (They were Burning Hot).

Thank you Daddy for letting us bum along on your business trip!

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun, and that you have quite the little hiker along with you. ;) Glad you guys can grab little trips like this when you get a chance. We wanna come with you sometime too!