Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quigley's and Warren's at Crawford Cabin

The Warren's and Quigley's vacationed at the Crawford's Cabin.
It was a blast!
Here are some photo memories of the event
(in no particular order):

You know Brian is having a good time when he looks like this:

Hayden helping Grandma hold a Sparkler.

Brian and I enjoying ALL the help with Hayden Bo-Bayden.

Hayden and I relaxing on the boat.

Megan being the 1st brave soul to jump in.

Jamie unsure about being next.

Grandpa and Jamie going for a ride.

You know Nick is having a hard time when he looks like this:

And Grandpa is worse then the girls.

Hayden being the flagger, it's a very important job!

Another great look from the boys:
Brandon, you're usually such a stud.

OH! There's Brandon being a stud!

Now Blake's being a Stud x 2!

Captain Hayden Bo-Bayden with Grandpa.

If they weren't golfing, boating, or eating; they were PLAYING Card Games.

Hayden's Plane Ride.

Hayden building Sand Castles with Grandpa and Grandma.

Going for a Crazy, Out of Control, Fast Ramp Ride on his 4-wheeler.

Hayden a little upset that he's the only one wearing a life jacket.

But Driving the Boat makes everything better.

Hayden and I going for a slow tube ride.

Tube Ride for Megan and I.

Grandpa and Hayden's Turn.

Grandma and Hayden catching some sun rays.

Again, Hayden driving the boat.
But this time he got upset when Grandpa helped even a little bit.
Such a Brat!

Spending some quality time with Daddy.

Hayden playing in the sand.

Everybody enjoying the beautiful evening.
(Brian, Hayden, Megan, James (Grandpa), and Ken (Pops).

Brandon, Hayden, and Jamie relaxing to the slow rock of the waves.

Hayden and I having a good, good time.

Nana and Hayden throwing rocks into the lake.

Smiling while Eating Spaghetti!
Not very successful, but nice try family!

Nana and Hayden going for an evening boat ride.

Surprise, Surprise! Hayden convinced Uncle Blake to let him drive.

I'll bet on Jamie. Just cause Brandon's a gentleman.

Pops taking a turn at being Captain.

Ashley enjoying the family, boat, lake, and wind.

More Spaghetti Shots!

"I'm bad looking, and I know it!"

More fun on the beach.

Throwing more rocks into the lake.

Grandpa and Hayden also enjoying the slow rock of the dock.

Another great evening to sit and relax.

Brian looks like a lifeguard stud; with the sun setting behind him, chest all puffed-out, and holding an orange life vest.

Hayden finding more rocks to throw into the lake.
(Besides the boat, throwing rocks became his new favorite thing!)

Wow! That's a BIG Rock. Can you Handle it?

I guess so. Look at those muscles!
Watch out for the HUMUNGOUS Splash!

Hayden's Cabin Log:

Thank you to the Crawford's for letting us use your cabin and boat. The Cabin has become our family's most anticipated summer vacation spot.

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  1. We did have such a great time up there, huh? Thanks for sharing all the photos and mostly for sharing Mr. Hayden Bo Bayden with all of us. I think he was really the highlight of the trip!