Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jessica's Hawaii Trip

I had the opportunity to visit my sister, Jamie, in Hawaii!
I went with my mom and Jamie's friend, Paula.

We stayed in a little apartment.
(I was so grateful for the little swamp cooler in the bedroom.)
The apartment had a private access to the beach.
Just walk down this path and...
VWA-LAH! You're at the beach.
Jamie and Paula out exploring the beach.

Jamie, Jessica, and Mom on the private beach.
(Don't look too close, we just got off a 6 hr plane ride).

Polynesian Cultural Center
(Paula, Mom, and Jamie)

This native Samoan, showed us all the ways a coconut is used.
He was able to start a fire with a stick and coconut husk,
quicker than Brian is with lighter fluid and matches. :)

Jessica, Samoan, Paula, and Jamie

I won't miss the heat, but I will miss the beautiful scenery:

Our Tahitian basket-weaving skills:
(We made little fish on a stick).

Tahitian Dancers at the Canoe Pageant:

We took a canoe ride down the canal.
Jamie and Mom enjoying the ride.

A picture with our leis, before the dinner show.
Luke (Jamie's boyfriend), Jamie, Paula, Mom, and Jessica

Luke and Jamie enjoying the Luau.

Paula, Mom, and I at the Luau.

The honored guest:

Our first beach day:
Snorkeling at Turtle Bay Resort.

Paula, Jessica, and Mom

Luke, Jamie, Mom, and Paula Sunbathing at Turtle Bay.

Pineapple Plantation:
WHoot-WHOO! Mom!

This is how BIG I feel.

I was so amazed at how pineapples are grown:

Experiencing some Pineapple IceCream.
(I'm a Chocolate Kinda Girl)

And then onto Matsumoto's for their famous Slushies:
Jamie, Jessica, and Mom
(I prefer to have my beans, ice cream, and sno-cone separated).

Jessica and Jamie at Mutsumoto's.

Luke then took us to a beach, where he guaranteed us Turtles:
Jessica with a Hawaiian Sunset for a background.

We found them!
2 turtles on land
And 2 in the water.

Turtles are SO COOL!
(Oh! I forgot to tell you that Mom and I found 2 turtles earlier that day, when we were snorkeling at Shark's Cove).
Turtle and Jessica

Turtle, Mom, and Jessica

Dinner at Kahuku Grill. It was delicious!
The fries were THE BEST! Yummy, I'm hungry for them NOW!
Jessica, Paula, Jamie, and Luke

Enjoying the early Hawaiian morning, on our little private beach...
We read our books while sunbathing. It was fantastic!

Visiting another beach.
Paula, Jamie, Luke, and Mom

The sand was white and the ocean blue. It was a gorgeous beach...
Jamie and Luke enjoying the beach day.

A visit to the LDS Laie Hawaii Temple.
Jamie, Jessica, and Mom

Pearl Harbor:
Luke, Jamie, Mom, Paula, and Jessica

Riding the ferry out to the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial.
Luke, Jamie, Mom, and Jessica

Jamie and Luke
In the background is the Arizona's Gun Turret

Jessica and Mom,
In the background are the names of the soldiers lost on December 7, 1941.

Mom, Jamie, and Jessica
At the entrance of the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial

Thank you Mom for the fun and fabulous trip to Hawaii!

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  1. What a cool trip. How awesome that you were able to get away and have some good girl time in an amazing place! Especially right before your baby girl makes her arrival. So fun!