Monday, December 12, 2011


Classic Skate with Tina and Gavin Wissinger:
Hayden absolutely LOVES playing with Gavin, so I had to include some video from Gavin and Hayden hanging-out at Classic Skate. It's not the most interesting video, but I know that Hayden will want to watch it over and over again.

I find these pictures hilarious.

Hayden INSISTED that he needed to skate with Gavin. It was so much fun to watch.
(am I a mean mom?)

As you can tell from the picture, it didn't go like Hayden had planned.

Lazy Days at the Quigley House:

First Snow of November

Hayden building Marble Works

(looks like she could use a little more beauty rest)

More Marble Works

Jocelyn Chillin'
(look at those thunder thighs)

Enjoying the Warm Weather:
Utah never has dependable weather.
One day it snows, and the next we are out playing with only a jacket. 

Daddy was working outside, so we took the 4-wheeler for a little spin in the yard (the only benefit for not having your yard finished)

Cousin Dinners:

Jocelyn and Aunt Kimmy

Jocelyn Rolls Both Ways:
It's so cute to see Hayden be a big brother.
He is always looking out for Jocelyn and trying to teach her new things.

Thanksgiving with the Quigley Clan:

Our First Time Meeting Sam

The Cousins: Hayden, Jocelyn, and Sam

Lunch at J Dawgs

Brandon teaching Hayden a New Song:

Turkey Bowl:

Jocelyn, Pops, Hayden, Brian, Brandon, Sam, Blake, Kyle, and Nana

Daddy with the Kids

Hayden, Daddy, Jocelyn and Mommy

After all the football excitement, Hayden came to me and said,
"Mom, a football is a ball with elbows" :)

Preparing for the Feast:

Blake, Jocelyn, and Nana


Hayden with a side of carrot

Jocelyn ALWAYS with a glass of milk:

"I don't want to be eaten"

Just think of it as a warm bath:

"Oh! That's not too bad."

And top it off with a little Sammer:

"My Mommy would never eat me, I'm too cute."

Well, if we can't eat them, then they can be little helpers:

Mommy's little Cooking Helper

Nana and Hayden making Cookie Turkeys:

Which Turkey is Cutest?

The Turkey Feast:

Pops, Brian, Hayden, Blake, Megan, Brandon, Nana, and Kyle, (Jessica taking picture), and...

...Sam asleep in the swing, and...

...Jocelyn hanging-out under the lights.

The Clean-Up Crew:

Kyle, Brian, Brandon, and Blake

Sack-Out Time:

Blake, Hayden, and Megan
(too stuffed to move)

Hayden got ahold of the camera on Thanksgiving. I ended up with a lot of pictures of "The Black Abyss". But I kept this picture:

Hi Megan!
Maybe Hayden is aspiring to be an abstract photographer!?

The Quigley Cousins:

Jocelyn, Hayden, and Sam

Hayden's Room Make-Over:
While Pops visited for Thanksgiving, he put bead board in Hayden's room. Thank you Pops! 
(Picture to come of finished product)

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