Monday, December 12, 2011

DECEMBER (First Half)

Here is our BEFORE Christmas Post: 
Hopefully I will find time to blog right after Christmas, not 3 months later :)

Jarom's Birthday Party:
Hayden's second best friend, Jarom, (Daddy's first) turned 3 at the beginning of the month.
There were lots of fun things at the party.
A Pinta:

(Boys loved it, Nerve Racking for the Adults)


And Good Friends:

Joshua and Jocelyn
(This is the little boy that Hayden confused Jocelyn with when she was born. 
And why we now nickname Jocelyn, "Josh-win"!)

Visit from Amber and Emi Barfield:
Festival of Trees:

Hayden and Emi showing-off their prizes.


Emi HAD to share with Mommy :)

Baking Cookies

Playing on the Computer

Shopping at Quilted Bear:

(Good thing Kids are Techno Savvy, or else Quilted Bear would be DESTROYED!)

First Snow Plow of the Year:

There was just barely enough snow for Brian and Hayden to use the snow plow. Good thing they plowed when they did, cause it melted a couple hours later. :)
Boys and their Toys!

Decorating the Christmas Tree:
Hayden was a great helper this year.
The only problem was that once he found a good spot to hang ornaments,
he continued to hang them ALL in that spot:

He also hung them really LOW:

My handsome tree decorator:

That night, after decorating the tree, I wrapped presents. So when the kids woke the next morning there were presents under the tree. 
Hayden asked if he could open them. When I told him that he had to wait, he then asked if he could "build towers" with the gifts:

What a creative little guy I have!

Since decorating the tree, I have found Jocelyn rolling and scooting towards it, until she is situated just under the branches. She stares and stares at the lights:

Occasionally I will also find Hayden under the branches with his sister:

Love for Daddy:

Brian has been super busy at work, and now he is taking finals. So when he gets home at night the kids just want some cuddles. Hayden says, "I jus' missed you, daddy". 

Hayden is a huge copycat. If Brian or I have said it, or done it, you can bet Hayden is going to repeat it. My favorite is that he calls Jocelyn, "Pretty Spits" (Brian calls Jocelyn "pretty girl" and "Miss Spits", so Hayden calls her "pretty spits"). Hayden loves to play games that he has seen Brian or I play with Jocelyn. Here is a video of the two of them playing Peek-A-Boo:
So far the worst thing Hayden has copied are the words, "dang it".
But he says, "Bang-it" :)

Hayden came to me the other day with some trail mix in his hand and said, 
"Mom, I like the banana nuts." He was talking about cashews :) 
What a funny, yet smart little guy.

Lights at Temple Square:

The Kids

Hayden and Mommy in front of the SLC Temple

Hayden and Daddy

Jocelyn all bundled-up

Again, Daddy and Hayden.
 The Conference Center Waterfalls

Christmas Card Pictures:

Wishing all our friends and family a 
Very Merry Christmas!


  1. LOVE the family pictures! How did you get Hayden to behave so well?? Jessica youve always been so gorgeous your good at making us all so envious :) Merry Christmas!

  2. Hey you little Quigley Family!! You've only been gone 24 hours and already we're missing your beautiful little faces and chatter and all the new sounds Jocelyn is learning to make. This past few weeks has been wonderful to be with you. When we miss you, we'll check out your blog and see your sweet family... S'more, and more, and more. ;) Busy, busy month... beautiful, beautiful Christmas Pictures! XOXOXs