Monday, March 2, 2009

Hayden's Tricks

Hayden is a Big Surpriser
Everyday he amazes Brian and I with all his tricks.

Hayden's first big trick was to roll. Hayden rolled from his belly to his back at less than 4 weeks old. It wasn't his strength and determination that flipped his body over, it was his stubbornness (which he gets from his dad, and maybe just a little from me). 
At Hayden's 2 week appointment the doctor told us to have Hayden do "Tummy Time". So immediately we went home and put Hayden on his belly. HE HATED IT! He cried and cried. On February 12th I put Hayden on his stomach for some "Tummy Time". Instead of crying he started to grunt. All of a sudden Hayden was on his back. He was stubborn enough to get off his belly. I didn't think he could do it again, but he did! He pushed himself onto his back. It was amazing! I had him do it at least 8 times because I couldn't believe my eyes and each time he did it he had a little smile of satisfaction and a look of "you can't make me do something I don't want to do". 

Hayden's second trick, which suckers his parents into being his slave, is his gigantic SMILE. About a week ago Hayden started to smile when we tickled his lips and cheeks. Now he is starting to smile when we talk and goo-goo over him. 
I just think he has the most adorable smile in the world (but I am bias, I'm his mother).

For Hayden's next trick he will reenact a story. (Story told by Brian K. Quigley). 
Hayden is so cheery in the morning. He loves to look, move, and tell silent stories. He will start to move so energetically that it looks like he is trying to tell us something important. Brian just recently started narrating Hayden's actions.
He reminds me of Ariel on The Little Mermaid when she looses her voice and communicates through actions. He will be a terrific teammate for Charades when he gets older!

His most recent trick has been to use his little chicken legs. 
Hayden loves to stand and look all around. I'm amazed at how strong his little legs are.


  1. What a cute smile! I love your little guy!

  2. Jess-
    I still haven't been able to see him I love that picture!!! Now I just need to see it in real life.
    Excellent work on the blog...keep it up for all of us to see! Love ya-
    nick and ash

  3. Brian and Jessica, This is sooooo wonderful for grandmas to see!! (and Grandpas, and aunts and uncles, uncles, uncles in this clan) We're so glad you did this, and LOVE HAYDEN'S ALMOST SMILE!!! It's fun to see what he did by accident a month ago looks like he does it on purpose for his mama and papa now!!

  4. As Coco would say (and will when she get's home to see this) OH MY GOODNESS! HE'S SOOOOO CUTE!
    I'm pretty sure Brian got the story wrong though, I think he said "We need to go see Aunt Kimmy" isn't that what you heard?

  5. i love your page. the background is way cute...however hayden dwarfs it with his cuteness. i love that you guys have a little guy around the house to make your world all the more better. =) we love ours and i can't wait til they become great friends. hope all is well. we miss you guys. love the adams' (rach, chris and kyler)

  6. aren't you soo glad you started a blog!? I told you you would love it and so will the "grandmas, grandpas, uncles" etc like Karen said! Just giving you hard time!

  7. Wow that's awesome! He's growing and changing fast!