Monday, March 16, 2009

My First Time Adventures

I've been having lots of fun. 
I think it's because mom and dad think I'm big enough to do "Big Kid" things. Plus the doctor said that at 2 months my immune system is stronger. (I feel pretty strong, I think my guns are shaping well.)
I've had a lot of "first time adventures" this past week. 
It started off with the mall. I went with mom. It was pretty boring, so I slept the whole time.
Next, I went to the movies. I saw Bedtime Stories. Mom and dad said it was really good, but I'll have to see it again because I accidently slept through it.

My next adventure was a walk. It was such a beautiful spring day, so dad came home early from work and we all went for a walk. It was the first time I had been in the sun for longer than a minute. The sun felt so warm and comforting that I... can you guess?... feel asleep.

On Sunday I went to church for the first time. It was Stake Conference so it was in the Provo Tabernacle and I got to go with Uncle Blake. The music was so peaceful, it put me right to sleep. (But at least I wasn't alone. There were plenty others, and just not kids, snoring along with me.)

I went to the park for the very first time. I went with Uncle Nick and Aunt Ashley. I was so excited, but on the way to the park...I feel asleep in my car seat. I wanted so badly to wake-up and have fun, but I was so tired. 
I didn't even wake-up when Uncle Nick took me down the slide!

Dad had a basketball game last week so I got to go and watch. It was my very first basketball game (besides the ones I've seen on TV, which I've been watching since day 2 of my life). I had lots of fun and it was the only adventure that I didn't fall asleep for! Which proves mom's theory of me liking basketball better than golf (but I haven't been golfing yet - grandpa when is our tee time?) 

All-in-all I had a good week, I like doing "Big Kid" things. Maybe when I'm a little older I'll stay awake and actually enjoy them.


  1. WOW He is growing so fast. If you had had him a year or so earlier I would have to say he is the cutest boy ever, but you know... I can't say that on account of ... you know who. hehe xoxoxo

  2. Can't you guys push that 'pause' button I showed you on him???? He's growning up waaaay toooo fast, and we need to catch up. Grandpa will have a tee time set up the day we get there, and his little club -- about a six incher? We can't wait to hold him and squeeze him and bury him in kisses and kisses and kisses!! :) Thanks for all the great updates!!

  3. Ha ha... I wish I could sleep that much! That's so fun. We miss you guys. Hopefully we can hang out soon.


  4. Hey guys, we like your blog... and little Hayden looks so cute!