Friday, January 15, 2010

The Big Numeral 1

Can you believe it? Handsome Hayden Bo-Bayden is a year old.

Here are 12 things the 12 month old LOVES
(in no specific order):

1. Bath Time
(Hayden's trying to drink the water, Silly Boy!)

2. Fruit
(Bananas, Strawberries, Clementines, Mandarin Oranges, Pineapple, Apples, Pears, Peaches...)

3. Daddy's Big Truck
"Whenever Daddy drives the Big Truck, I cry at the window until he comes and takes me out. I love to pretend drive the truck. While the truck warms-up, I get to move the steering wheel and shake the gear shifter. It is always the highlight of my day!"

4. Blankie
Hayden will shove a corner of his Blankie into his mouth at nap and bed time and almost instantly fall asleep.

5. Huffy the Puppy
Hayden loves ALL dogs.
But Huffy is super special to Hayden cause he's his best bud.
They sleep in the same crib and love to wrestle.

6. Watching Baby Einstein
Whenever Baby Einstein is playing, Hayden is glued to the television. He is either sitting on the ground, looking up; sitting with mom on the recliner, getting cuddles; or leaning on the ottoman, for parallel viewing.

7. Balls
Hayden can't live without balls. He always has one in his hand no matter what. His favorite ball activity is fetch (by himself).

8. Playdates
Here is a picture of Hayden with his 2nd cousins.
Hayden loves to play with other children. I especially like when he plays with older children cause Hayden likes to play rough (what can I say, he's a Quigley).

9. Hide & Seek

10. Walking to the BIG CAR to get In and Out, In and Out...

11. Shaking his Head "NO"

12. Drinking from a Straw

Here are some Dislikes of Hayden's:
1. Lotion

2. Bed Time when Company is Visiting

3. Vegetables (except Carrots)

4. Getting Dressed

5. When Daddy Teases him with a Toy

6. The Time it takes to Tie a Shoe

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