Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Break, Part 2


December 28, 2009
Hayden got to celebrate his birthday early
so that Nana, Pops, Grandma, and Grandpa could see him play with his new birthday toys.

Hayden received a brand-new CAR!

Yes, the men had to bust out the instructions to put it together.

"Mine and Dad's first car (the first of many) we worked on together."

Half the fun was putting the car together and using all of Pops' cool tools.

The car was finally finished, and Hayden went for his first drive.

"Everyone out of my way!"

Thank you Nana and Pops for the wonderful birthday gift.

After getting his new car; Hayden, Aunt Ashley, and Grandma celebrated their birthdays.

The January Birthday Group:
Aunt Ashley, Hayden, and Grandma

Grandma got a new apron and hot pads
(all hand-made by a great seamstress, Ashley).

Ashley got a sewing tool (shown above) and a new serger (a different kind of sewing machine).
(I guess you have to be great at sewing to understand).

Hayden got new clothes,

a Lego truck,

and a Fisher Price Barn with Animals.

Oh! And don't forget the yummy wrapping paper.

Hayden, almost in his birthday suit, playing with his new barn and truck.

We decided to get a little cake for Hayden to "DIG" into for his early birthday, but something happened to the cake before Hayden could get to it (I accidentally dropped it on the way to the counter).
So here is a picture of the newly, re-frosted, and re-decorated cake:

Hayden's First Birthday Cake:

Hayden's favorite birthday experience was playing in the water, in front of everyone
(he's such a ham).

December 31, 2009
Hayden's last BIG BOO-BOO of 2009
On New Year's Eve, Hayden decided to pull one of Nana's metal chairs down on his head. (What a Party Animal)!
In all the action I didn't think to whip out my camera and get a picture of his Big Boo-Boo before it was covered (silly me, what was I thinking!), so here is a picture of his boo-boo after it was bandaged:
Poor little boy, but he was defiantly a trooper.

The boo-boo 2 days after:
(Thank you Nurse Cannell for your expertise and knowledge!)

January 1, 2010
Play Date
Starting out the New Year with my Oklahoma Buddy, Christian Murri.
Christian and Hayden.

Hayden, Jessica, Jenny, and Christian.

Happy New Year Family and Friends!


  1. Poor Hayden and his boo boo! He is getting so big so fast. I laughed when he started crying when he got his hand shoved in the cake. Looks like you guys had a blast! With lots of loot to bring home. Hope his boo boo is getting better.

  2. As usual, we LOVE all you showed us!! Such a fun visit. Grandpa's horse is great, and the video with him! The ugly sweaters, "the big guy", danching with Jamie... We especially love Hayden's broken heart with his Birthday Cake, and the 'fix' afterwards. It's a crack-up!! All of it is so fun to remember. Thanks, as ALWAYS for reading us such a wonderful, two-part storybook for all the needy grandparents, Hayden and Jessica!!! (and Brian!) WE LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!! :D