Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Break, Part 1


We went to Washington for Christmas
to visit Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, and Pops.

December 19, 2009
"First things first,
I visited the Big Guy in the Red Suit
to make sure he knew that I was staying at Grandma's house."

"The Big Guy knew how to keep my attention while I waited in the long lines.
(He's pretty popular just before Christmas)."

"My first time with Santa Claus."

December 23, 2009
While in Washington we went to an
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

It was lots of fun!

And there were plenty of laughs!
(Top Row: Uncle Jon, Aunt Cherri, Uncle Keith.
Bottom Row: Ken (Pops), Karen (Nana), Jessica, Hayden, Brian, Paul, Grant, Aunt Teresa, David, Clarke, and Brandon.)

"Nanna still loved me, even though I was wearing an old man, itchy, ugly, dog sweater.
And I especially loved her, because she had toys on her neck and side for me to play with (she is always so thoughtful)."

"It was a very eventful night. After the Ugly Sweater Party, Grandpa gave me an early Christmas present (he couldn't stand the suspense, sometimes I think I act older than him)."

I got my First Rocking Horse.

It was just the perfect size!

Thank you Grandpa, it was the most thoughtful gift.

Giddy-up Cowboys!

December 24, 2009
The WHOLE family (Quigleys, Warrens, and Wrights)
joined together for a Christmas Eve Party.

"What?! I get to open a present NOW, on Christmas Eve!? How Exciting!!"

"I got my Christmas Eve pjs (I'm a reindeer) and a Christmas book.
Thanks mom and dad, you're the best parents in the whole, wide world."

December 25, 2009
Christmas Day!
Hayden got a new Stroller and a Big Boy Car Seat from Santa.
"I'm still too tired to smile, give me a few minutes to finish waking-up."

"I found lots and lots of balls in my stocking.
How did the Big Guy know?"

"1 of 6 trucks Grandma got me.
(Though, I don't know if she got them for me or for my dad?)"

I did take pictures of other family members besides Hayden, but I feel like this Christmas was especially for him. Therefore he is featured more than anyone else. Plus I don't think the girls will mind if their no make-up, pj pictures don't make it to the internet :)

Christmas Damage at Grandma and Grandpa's was done...

...And the damage was about to begin at Nana and Pops'...

...But first we had to talk to a very important man that
lives far, far away, and who brings happiness to all.
No, It wasn't Santa; it was Uncle, Elder Kyle Quigley.
(Merry Christmas Elder Quigley!)

"Dad, are all those presents for me?"

Hayden got a little antsy, while we talked to Elder Quigley...
...So Nana gave him a big Christmas present to keep him entertained.

And it did it's job; it's still doing it's job today.
(Good little toy!)

Brian got a new club!

Hayden enjoying some of his Christmas loot.

Pictures of Fun and Family During Christmas Break

Grandpa is the connoisseur of breakfast. Practically everyday we enjoyed a morning feast, prepared by grandpa; and on this day, Hayden was his helper.

Nick enjoying his new Wii and a little Guitar Hero.
Hayden's face tells it all, "Crazy Uncle Nick!".

"Ok, maybe Uncle Nick wasn't so crazy, this is a fun game."
(Jamie's concentrated look.)
Don't worry, Hayden's got the orange button.

A little bit more fun with Aunt Jamie.

"And A Lot More Fun with my first (of many) candy canes.
(Grandma snuck them when Mom wasn't looking.)"

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  1. Jessica!!! Wow it looks like you guys had so much fun this holiday season! Hayden has gotten a lot bigger, he especially looks older and a lot more mobile; that's so much fun!! love all the pix. How did you guys get all the gifts back? So much fun with all those birthdays too!! It seriously feels like forever since we've seen you guys. We stopped by your place on Halloween but you guys were gone.