Sunday, May 2, 2010

He's an Outside Boy

In the middle of April (when the weather was fantastic),
we went for our first camping/4-wheeling trip of the season.

Our location was Great-Grandpa Johnson's.
Don't let the Great-Grandpa name fool you,
he drives his 4-wheeler like a bad out of H-E-double toothpicks,
if you know what I mean!!

We brought along Uncle Blake and Aunt Megan, it was their first time on 4-wheelers. Uncle Blake had a blast, and Aunt Megan is currently still deciding.
(This picture would be so much better-looking if Aunt Megan was in it!)

Here's me getting ready for a ride, Safety First!

Thanks Dad for the great little camping trip;
cause you know me "I'm an Outside Boy"!

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