Monday, April 9, 2012

December (Christmas)

Yes, it is now April, Hayden is wearing shorts and baseball caps and Jocelyn got her first pair of jelly shoes. Hayden turned 3 in January, Jocelyn has been crawling for a month, and she is about to start walking. And I am so upset with myself that I haven't been blogging all their milestones. So now I've gone back 4 months and I'm going to re-cap the end of winter. Wish me luck and enjoy the slide show, with minimal captions.

 Making Neighborhood Christmas Treats:

Early Christmas in Spanish Fork:

Christmas with the Quigley's:

 Hayden was obsessed with cameras this Christmas 
(Nana actually got him a kid friendly one).
This is a picture Hayden took with his camera:

Fun at Nana's House:

Jocelyn's first bite was at Nana's house:

Jocelyn helping Nana make Christmas cookies:

Christmas with the Warren's:

Christmas Eve PJ's:

Gifts from Santa:

Luke and Jamie iChatting from Hawaii:

Fun at Grandma's House:


Hayden helping (eating the candy) Grandma with a Gingerbread House:

Colt and Addi's Engagement:

Holiday Church Basketball Tournament:

Holiday Shotgun Shooting with the Men:

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