Wednesday, April 11, 2012



March 9
Kyle's Basketball Game, Rexburg ID:

March 13
2 Cute and Highly Spirited "Tids":

March 25
Mom's Early Easter Gift:
A Bike Trailer


March 16
Hayden's a Workin' Man:
"Does anyone need a helping hand? 
He works for candy!"

March 26
Rockin' it with Rylee

In the month of March, 
Hayden learned to write the letters "H" and "a". 
He also self-taught the letter "I", he said, "it's just like the letter H, but it's on it's side." :)


March 2
 Jocelyn Crawls:

March 20
Jocelyn's New Hair Do:

March 25
Jocelyn is Pulling herself to a Stand:

End of March
Jocelyn's Improved Crawling Skills:

Jocelyn is also eating real food (not baby food), cut into tiny chunks.
So far she has enjoyed Spaghetti and Meatballs, Beef Stew, and Eggs with Ham.
She also likes to strut around the house, while holding onto mommy's or daddy's fingers.
She pretty much thinks, she's the Queen. :)

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