Tuesday, September 20, 2011

August-September Update

Quick Post of what the Quigley's have been up to:

Lots of Lounging and PJ Wearing:
I have found that it is easier to stay in our pj's for most of the day, especially when you have a spit-uppy baby. So a couple days of the week, we relax.

We take care of Jocelyn:
Hayden loves to 1) Put her binky in when she cries, 2) Go right-up to her face and say, "Hi, Pretty Girl", and 3) Entertain/Teach her new things:
(The other day Hayden and I were singing Primary Songs and Hayden turned to Jocelyn and said, "it's your turn to sing". He just wants her to do all the fun things he does.)

Welcomed a New Quigley:

Cousin Sam:
Samuel Linford Quigley
Born 9/7/11 at 4:36 pm
9 lbs. 12 oz, 21.5 inches

After being a week late and being induced, Megan was in labor for 22 hours!!

Megan said, "Sam is doing great, eating, sleeping, and crying like a champ! He has a cute little birthmark on his forehead (the standard Linford marking) and a dimple on his left cheek!"

Congratulations Blake and Megan!

Now Hayden and Jocelyn have 2 cousins: Charlize and Sam (1 from each side of the family)

Playing with Friends:
Hayden and Jarom on the Carousel at Trafalga.

Jocelyn enjoying the new scenery and sunshine:

Hayden's Newest, Most FAVORITE arcade Game:
He calls the pins, "bats" because they look like baseball bats.
And when we correct him and say, "They are called pins." He says, "Oh! Right! Pins!", while nodding his head. :)
Our Professional Bowler:

Playing a little SKEE BALL:

Playing Hard, While Daddy's Away:
McDonald's for dinner.
-Hayden gets to play
-Jocelyn gets to sleep
-And Mom doesn't have to cook!
WIN, double WIN, WIN situation.

-Oh! And there's DESSERT!

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  1. Well, I won't comment on all of the posts, but I'm so glad you have found a free second to blog. I always think about you and hope you know how much I miss you!!