Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Labor Day 2011: Idaho Sand Dunes

Gettin' ready for the first ride:
Hayden was so excited he almost left without shoes. And Brian was even more excited that he didn't even notice.
My boys!

This is what Hayden looked like by the end of the night and we had only been there for about 4 hours. YIKES!

Thank goodness for Trailers.
(If you look close enough, you can see sand in his butt crack).
hehehe :)

Brian and Hayden on the New Banshee:
Her first voyage.
Hayden calls it the "Blue one" OR the "Loud one"

At the Lake:

Uncle Dave and Hayden

Shirsten and Hayden

Hayden thinks he's a big kid. Do you see him in the middle?

The group did a little knee boarding at the lake:
But we didn't have a boat...

The girls watched, manned the cameras, and held Jocelyn:

Hayden enjoying the water:

What a life!

The 4-wheeler line-up:

The Group:

More Sand Riding:

Kianna with the Candy:
She became Hayden's best friend.

Hayden and Shirsten

Gavin, Hayden, and Shirsten

A Great Way to end a Crazy, Fun Summer!

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  1. That looks like way too much fun for a two-and-a-half year old boy, and his Daddy! So glad you man the camera, and BLOG sweetie!