Monday, September 19, 2011


At the end of August we flew to Washington and visited family for 1 1/2 weeks.

No-Mustache Pops met us at the airport:
Since the announcement of my first pregnancy (Hayden), we have had an ongoing deal that Pops would shave his mustache for his first granddaughter. It was the first time that Nana and all the kids/grandkids had seen Pops without a 'tache. I think he has had it for 30 some years.
I think he looks great.

While in Washington we visited Blake and pregnant Megan in Seattle.
Brandon, Hayden, and Blake playing ball while in the pool.

Blake, Brandon, Hayden, and Megan (and little Sam still in her belly).

Seattle Aquarium:
Dad, Hayden, Blake, and Kyle (just back from his Peru mission)

Brian, Nana, Pops, Hayden, Blake, Megan (baby Sam), Kyle, and Brandon (and Jessica taking picture)

Petting the Starfish:

He might have lost some hair while on his mission, but he didn't loose his sense of humor!

Hayden getting a Nemo painted on his hand:

Brian, Kyle, Megan, Pops, Blake, Brandon, and Hayden

Watching the Seals:
Hayden was on top of Pops' shoulder, when all of a sudden and Seal came flying through the water. Hayden jumped-up on top of the glass and just watched and watched.

Spending the Night in a Tent with Grandpa:
It was Hayden's first sleep over...
...and the first time sleeping in a tent.
Grandpa said that Hayden was so excited and hyped-up, that he fell asleep before Hayden did.
But it looks like they both slept well.

This is where Brian and I were, while Hayden was Tent sleeping with Grandpa:
Brian's 10 year Seminary Graduation.

While in Washington, we met cousin Charlize for the first time.
Jessica, Jocelyn, Ashley, and Charlize

And of course Jocelyn got lots and lots of cuddles from family:
Great Grandma Quigley and Jocelyn

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