Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Discovery Gateway

We went to Discovery Gateway (an indoor science play place)
with Ryan Harris.
Hayden had a Blast!!
In fact when it came time to leave, I told Hayden that it was time to go "Bye-Bye". Instead of holding my hand and walking away, like usual, he sat and sobbed and sobbed. It was so cute and sad at the same time. We will defiantly have to visit again.

Here are some pictures:

Hayden enjoying the water.

Sitting in the Back Seat of a Car Driven By Ryan Harris.
Ryan's expression says, "Oh No! Did I hit that Bird?"

Hayden riding a Life-Size Horse:
This Cowboy IS wearing Pants :)

A Cute Little Frog
(if you kiss him, he'll turn into a Prince).

2 Little Princes:
(A good picture of Hayden Bo-Bayden)

(A good picture of Ry Guy)

(The Best Picture of Both of Them.)

Hayden thought the water was the best part, until he found the BALLS!

Watching the Big Boys Play
(2 Great Things: Older Kids and Balls)

Playing with High-Powered Magnets

We had a Blast! Thank you Harris Family.

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