Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Littlest Quigley Golfer

I found a Golf Set at Walmart for $5 and I couldn't resist.
Here is our youngest/littlest Quigley Golfer:

Pops and Grandpa Quigley must be so proud!

Couple of days later we went Miniature Golfing.
(Hayden convinced us that he needed some practice before Pops came to visit).

Our Little Quigley Golfer:
Keeping the Legacy Alive

"Wow, My Ball Actually Went In!"

Mom and Hayden

Hayden and Dad

Oh! And we had to play a couple of arcade games too!
They looked WAY too pretty to pass-up!

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  1. He just happens to be not only the Littlest Quigley Golfer, but the Handsomest too!!! His Dad is a handsome one, but oh this little man...!! ;) Glad to see family tradition alive and well in the Quigley family.