Sunday, May 2, 2010

Handy-Man/Messy-Man/No Pants Man


Grandpa fixing the pantry door, and Hayden being a Handy-Man's HELPER.

(Look at his intense little face!)

Hayden had his first Handy-Man Call. Let's evaluate:

He's too dang smart and cute (he must take after his mother)!


Hayden decided that he if he can use a fork, then the spoon must be just as easy.
Looks like he was wrong:

"It might not be as easy, but it sure was fun!"


(For about a month, I've been meaning to video Hayden riding his rocking horse. But I continually forgot, until the day he was wearing no pants. So now he is the No-Pants Cowboy!)
Thank you Grandpa, for making the No-Pants Cowboy a Trusty No-Shoe Steed.

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  1. WOW! Time Flies :) So how old is he NOW? Well, he is so Cute. Looks like your having FUN..So How are things?