Thursday, May 20, 2010

No Fear, Funny Farm Boy

We went to the Petting Farm
with Jarom Walker.

The boys had a ton of fun.
And it was great to finally see Hayden connect his little Fisher Price farm animals with real live ones.
The first animal we saw was a cow. When Hayden saw it he pointed and shouted, with a smile on his face, "MOOO"!!

Jarom and Hayden looking at baby chicks.

Looking at the chickens, roosters, and peacocks.
While at the farm, Hayden learned a chicken sound, "Bach, Bach, Bach"
(and his checks are so cute and puffy when he says it).
(He was a little confused when we had chicken for dinner that night.)

Did you know that a peacock says, "CAA, CAA"? Hayden told me so :)

The best part (for Hayden) was feeding the goats some corn.
Hayden was ALL FOR IT!
It was so cute to see Hayden so happy. He LOVES animals.
(But I'm wanting something a little more cuddly and less long tongued).

Jessica, Jarom, and Hayden on the Wagon Ride.

Mom and Hayden with the wagon pulling horses.


  1. Hayden, We didn't know you were a budding farmer! Awesome pics and Pops and Nana loved the video of you feeding the goats. Nana just said, "I hope he didn't put those little fingers in his mouth AFTER he fed the goats!" ;) We wanna go next time!

  2. You do so many fun things with Hayden! What a good mom! I got a seven peaks pass by the way so let me know any time when you want to meet up :) Way exciting!