Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seven Peaks Swimming

Hayden and I have been going to Seven Peaks about every other day to swim.
I don't know who's having more fun, me or him?

There are 3 pools that we swim in.

1. The Wave Pool - 
We sit and let the waves wash over us. 
(Hayden has fallen asleep twice in this pool. The waves make too much of a calming sound and rock him back and forth as they come and go.)

2. The Kiddie Pool - 
Hayden will stand on the steps and do his little 'hop/bounce dance' then he'll kick up his legs and let them float back down. Once he feels the step he will stand-up again and repeat his dance (of course I'm holding on to his arms the whole time, this kid is fearless).

3. Lazy River -
I'll put Hayden is his floatie and we'll float around. 

We usually go with Amber and Baby E.

I'm so grateful to be a stay-at home mommy, 
Hayden is so much fun and there are lots of perks!

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