Thursday, June 18, 2009

haYdEN's 5 MOntHs

Time's a Flyin'!
We're having a BLAST with little Handsome Hayden.
He is now 5 months. He weights 14 lbs 1 oz, and is 25 inches long.

(2 of his favorite things: a bath and material)

5  rEAsOns  tO  LoVE  HaNDsoMe  haYdEN:

1. He gives the nicest cuddles. 
(He loves to take naps with mommy).

2. He doesn't mind getting LOTS of KISSES.
(Even the ear piercing ones that Daddy gives).

3. He's a great buddy.
(He loves to hang-out, camp, swim, watch sports, play, and even shop!)

4. He's a great sleeper.
(He goes to bed at 8:30 and doesn't get up til 8 in the morning, 
with only 1 feeding in between.)

5. He gave Brian and I the BEST JOB, being his parents!

Side Note:
Hayden has been sleeping like this for awhile, but I haven't got a picture until now.
Brian says, "He loves camping so much that he makes himself a TENT each night."
(I know, you just can't resist it. 
You just want to reach out and SPANK that little BUM!)


  1. Jess-
    You do such a great job on the blog!! I love it. I also really like the picture of him in the bath--so cute!!
    love ya

  2. i like your new page colot. you always do so well with your creativeness in this page and elsewhere. miss you guys tons. can't wait to see you in a month or so for a glorious yet kinda sad occasion of a young man leaving for his mission to Peru. =) he'll do great. anyways... hayden is a doll as usual. keep on havin fun.

  3. oh and it's
    incase you were still having trouble