Monday, June 1, 2009

Motor Boat, Motor Boat

While visiting in Washington, Hayden went swimming for the first time. 
He enjoyed it! And I'm glad, because I already spent money on a Seven Peaks pass, swimsuits, towels, and toys; I need an outlet to get out of the house; and I desperately need a tan! 

Here's a picture of Hayden Bo-Bayden's first swim suit and beach towel. 

And a picture of Handsome Hayden's Hilarious, Happy, Handy Hat!

I enjoyed swimming so much as a kid. It was the only activity my brother and sisters did during the summer, and now I get to share that happiness with Little, Baby Hayden.

He didn't like back floating too much, but we'll work on it.

Little Fishy Hayden swimming with Mom.
(Usually girls have the problem of swimsuits coming off, but never boys. Hayden defiantly does not have his Mom and Dad's big booty.)

Hayden loves to feel independent, so he did great in his tube. And it was the perfect time to introduce "Motor Boat".
"Motor Boat, Motor Boat go so Slow. Motor Boat, Motor Boat go so Fast. Motor Boat, Motor Boat Step on the Gas!" (Hayden has plenty, he takes after the Quigley boys.) 

I think Hayden will fit into his swimming trunks ALL summer long! 
(Man I wish I had his problem.)

Hayden enjoyed swimming, but I think he enjoyed being cuddled by Dad just a bit more. 
(Don't you wish someone wrapped you in a warm towel and then cuddled you to sleep after stepping out of a cold pool?)

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  1. You two look wonderful in the pool! Hayden is so handsome and he is getting so big!!
    I am so excited to take Christian to the swimming pool for the first time...