Monday, June 1, 2009

"This is the Place" Heritage Park

My Grandpa Warren celebrated his birthday last Saturday at "This is the Place" Heritage Park. It was a beautiful, sunny day. And we had a great time. 
Here are some pictures and videos from the day. 

Gavin and Tiffany

Brian pushing Hayden, and Uncle Pat 
Brian's actually not pushing Uncle Pat. (Misplaced Modifier)

Ashley and Gavin

Trista, Korbin (in stroller), Carlin, Grandma Warren, Uncle Richard, Aunt Alice, and Shauna

Ashley, Grandma Warren (Birthday Boy, not in his Birthday Suit), Stephanie, Uncle Stan, and Travis

Pioneer Man, Grandma Warren, Carlin, Ashley

Brian and Nick

At Heritage Park they have historical houses brought from all over Utah to this location. The little town has a bank, barber shop, black smith, dance hall, school house, and many more. At one of the little houses a man showed the kids some of the chores the pioneers performed.

Here is Gavin washing some clothes. After washing them he hung them out to dry. He also watered the garden and beat a rug.

After doing the chores, the pioneer man showed us some games. (Everyone wanted to play the games, even though only the kids did the chores. I wish it was like that at home!)
One of the pioneer games was Stilts.
The first one up was Nick.

He did pretty good. In fact, he looks like Michael Jackson on stilts!

Next up was Brian. He didn't do as well.

He reminds me of Iron Man, kinda of clumsy and heavy at first. 

Last up was Grandpa Warren. Yep! Grandma Warren!!

It took him a while to get up, but once he did, he performed better than the younger guys. (Don't be thinking dirty now!)

Here are more pictures of the fun-filled day.

Nick and Hayden

Brian actually shot that pistol, but of course I didn't have my camera ready.

Nick shooting the Sheriff's riffle. 
"My gun is bigger than your gun!"

Hayden Bo-Bayden and Mom

Nick, Brian, Hayden, and Jessica
(Ahh-ohh! Brian's loose in a Candy Store!)

Here's most of the group. We went on a Train Ride around the town.

Gavin, Brian, and Travis

There was even a petting zoo at the Stables.

Jessica and Hayden posing with Pony.

Gavin riding Pony

Jessica, Hayden, Gavin, and Ashley with Goat #1.
(Goat #2 was kind of shy, you can see it's 'behind' on the right side).

Hayden and I looking at the little, baby lambs.

We had a great time at Heritage Park. It was a great way to start off the summer and celebrate the birth of our grandfather!

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