Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cousin Dinner

Aunt Kimmy hosted a Cousin Dinner the Sunday of Hayden's Baby Blessing so there was a huge turn out. Good thing she has a big, beautiful home.
Here are some photos from the dinner:

Baby Hailey kissing Hayden with Nanna (Karen).

Aunt Traci, Brian, and Danny

Nick, Ash, Grandpa Warren (James), Jamie, Grandma Warren (Leigh Anne), and Aunt Paula

Ken, Girlfriend, Lance, and Megan

Coco and Hailey

Ryan, Rachel, Aunt Kimmy (The Host Hero), Kirsten, and Brandon

Aunt Paula, Tina, Zach, and Chase

Thanks Aunt Kimmy for feeding ALL of us!

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  1. Thanks Jess for all the wonderful photos and memories to remember Hayden's special day!! What a great time that was, and so much family -- this time the Quigley side -- to support him. Love to all!