Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Family Visits

Both sides of the family came to visit for Hayden's Baby Blessing. 
Hayden was so spoiled. I don't think he was ever put down. He loved all the excitement and attention. He was sad when everyone left. 

Hayden enjoying time with Grandma Warren.
He felt real comfortable with her. I think he remembers her from the first 2 weeks of his life, since she took care of him more than Brian or I.

Grandpa Warren entertaining Hayden. 
Grandpa Warren is defiantly the "funny guy" in the family (always has a joke). Hayden picked-up on that super quick, he never stopped smiling at Grandpa Warren.

Lots of Love from Pops Quigley.
Hayden felt all the Quigley Boy Testosterone so he felt compelled to take of his shirt and show off his guns, but all the body building tired him out. Good thing Pops was there to lend a shoulder. Thanks Pops!

Here is Uncle Nick with his weekend entertainment (like my family drama wasn't entertaining enough). He worked on getting the golf ball on the tee for a couple of days, when he finally got it he made me promise that I would post it. Here ya go Nick!!

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