Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hayden's Three Month Celebration

Hayden celebrated his 3 month birthday on Friday, April 17th.

His celebration started with a little TV time...

Watching Trivial Pursuit 
(hopefully he's learning something)

"Hello Everyone!"

"Do I have to take a bath? I want to watch TV ALL day!"

After watching TV, we went for a walk on the golf course.
Dad and Uncle Nick played, while Aunt Ashley, Mom, and me walked.

Well... I really didn't WALK. 

And I'm glad I didn't because I needed a little snooze. 
(Golf takes a long time, especially when Dad and Uncle Nick lose balls in the water).

Nick and Brian

Me Sportin' my Golf Hat.

Ashley and Nick

Brian and Jessica

Me Lookin' All Cute 
Posin' for the Shot! 

My Three Month Celebration ended with Dinner at Red Lobster.

Mom and I   
(I did get a couple tips for dancing on the table!)

Ashley and Hayden

Nick and Brian
(If you look close enough... NAW you don't even have to look that hard, 
Brian got some SUN while golfing)

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