Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hayden's Blessing

Hayden was Blessed by his father, Brian, 
on Sunday, March 29, 2009. 

Here are the great men that have set outstanding examples for Hayden and who were part of his special day.
(Great Grandpa Warren, Uncle Nick, Uncle Kyle, Uncle Blake, Great Grandpa Quigley, Grandpa Warren 'James', Dad 'Brian', and Pops 'Ken')

Our Happy Family

8:30 Church is too early!

The Whole Clan that came to support Hayden.


  1. Okay, so your family pictures just keep getting better and better! And baby Hayden looks dashing for his blessing day, and I'm with him... 8:30 church IS too early!! Even so, look at the mob that turned out to support your new little family!... And amazing men in little Hayden's life!! Awesome!!

  2. These are fabulous photo's. What a treat to have all the guys together! Hayden is just growing so fast. What a blessing you have in your large and beautiful extended family. I love your blog. xo

  3. Hey Jessica and Brian!
    I found your blog from Natalie's page or Jill's. So fun to see what you guys are up to! And you have an adorable baby boy...so sweet. Aren't babies so fun and so much work! I love all the pictures of Hayden's baby blessing. You guys had lots of love and support. It looks like you all are enjoying life. I hope it is ok if I add you to my blog list. I love finding people on here! Take care!

    Erica (Lichfield) Anderson