Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Times

These last couple of weeks have been crazy, but fun. 
A lot of things have happened and changed. There have been a lot of "first times" for Hayden. 
Here are just a few:

Hayden Sleeps in Crib
We finally decided to move Hayden to his own room. He has slept in his crib successfully since Monday, March 30th.

Hayden's First Night in his Own Bed

First Haircut
While Aunt Jamie was visiting she had her hair done. I took Hayden with and had Tami (Brian's cousin) trim his mullet. Hayden received his first hair cut on Tuesday, March 31st. 

(If you look close you can see his wispy hair sticking out at his neck. It's at least 1 1/2 inches long.) 

(The mullet is trimmed and gone.)

Brian, Hayden, and I went camping in our new trailer for the first time. It was Hayden's very first camping trip. Uncle Brandon and Uncle Kyle came along. We had such a great time enjoying the outdoors and nice weather. 

Our Camping Group:
Uncle Dave, David, Brian, Kyle, Aunt Tina holding Hayden, Hercules, Gavin's Helmet, and Jessica.

The boys playing poker in the trailer (Kyle, Brian, and Brandon).

Brian getting ready for a ride.

Hayden playing in the trailer.

Gavin smiling for a picture. 
(He's a crazy dude on that bike, watch out for him!)

Hayden playing "Super Baby" with Daddy. 
(How to make your baby a "Super Baby": Step 1: Turn bib around, Step 2: Hold baby in air, Step 3: Watch out for flying spit-up!)

Brian and I going for a little ride.

Hayden went golfing for the first time with Dad, Uncle Blake, Aunt Megan, and Mom. We went to Sleepy Ridge Golf Course on Monday, April 13th. It was such a beautiful day. Hayden enjoyed the fresh air and bouncy feeling of the cart path while riding in his stroller.

Brett (Uncle Blake's Friend), Brian, Blake, and Megan

Hayden enjoying the Golf Course and Watching from the "Sidelines".

Hayden and I enjoying the good weather.

Watching Dad from the side. 
(Brian should have Hayden come more often, he's Good Luck - Brian won!)

Hayden and Brian enjoying their First (out of a future thousand) Golf Outing.

Hayden is growing up so fast. 
I really can't blink or I'll miss something!

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  1. Jess, you are a pro at this blog stuff. I love the super baby directions, and you are right... one of THOUSANDS of golf outings for the boys... and you? Keep up the awesome blogging :)