Sunday, April 19, 2009

Party Animal

Our little family went over to Nick and Ashley's for Sunday Dinner.
After dinner we played games. Hayden had a great time, he loves social environments and being the center of attention.

Hayden Break Dancing with Uncle Nick
(I'm Ok with this as long as Nick doesn't teach him the Michael Jackson "private grab"!)

Hayden had a fun time while we were playing "Nerts". 
We get pretty loud while playing this game. I think he wanted to join the action. He wouldn't stop talking, so I got a little clip of it. 
He's getting pretty good at entertaining himself, as long as he thinks he's part of the crowd (He's a Little Social Caterpillar). I have to put him on his back (so he can see) and close to everyone and then he just does his thing. It's great for me and plus it's cute. 

Hayden kinda playing with his toy.
I put a toy in his hand, but I don't think he realized he had it. 
Oh well, the clip is fun anyways!


  1. So, how can we help it if we have the cutest little grandboy in the world??? He makes totally adorable little sounds, and he looks like he's definitely going to be a 'social caterpiller' for quite a while yet! Jess, you're such a clever mommy! ;)

  2. Jenny and I love that big picture of Hayden up at the top!!! What a cute photo haha... he looks like he's going to be a "chip off the old block."

  3. Jenny and I love that picture of Hayden up at the top! What a cute little guy :) He look like he's going to be a "chip off the old block." :)

  4. oh... didn't see that you guys have it set up so you have to have approval before the comment will post... sent that last one twice teehee :)