Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hayden's First Easter

We celebrated Easter out at the Sand Dunes with the Wissinger Family. We has such great weather and it was fun to be outdoors again. Hayden loves camping and I love being out of the house. 
Here are some Easter/Camping pictures:

Brian, Jessica, and Hayden getting ready to roll Easter Eggs down the dunes.

Hayden's Easter Bunny Presents (Swimsuit, Sunscreen, and Floatie).

Gavin and Shirsten
Gavin is Hayden's new Best Bud (he can make him smile at any given time in less than half a second) and Shirsten is a wonderful camping babysitter (she doesn't even mind when Hayden throws-up all over her shirt and hair). 

Aunt Tina (holding Hayden) and Brian hanging out in the Wissinger's RV while it rains.

Hayden and I enjoying the company of camping.

Hayden getting Bundled Up for Outside.


  1. We wanna come!!! Hayden looks so adorable, and I want to come hold him while you go play ;)

  2. You have been busy! Can't wait to talk to you!

  3. Jeeze... you guys go and buy big, fun toys AFTER we leave??? Common! Hayden looks like a much cuter... and much smaller version of Brian haha! We miss you guys!

  4. Looks like a bunch of fun. I'm glad he Easter bunny found you. Can't wait to see him in his swim suit.